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The Lincoln Longwool was always a ‘dual purpose’ breed. Providing a heavy fleece of lustrous longwool and a substantial mutton carcass.


The Lincoln produces a fleece of exceptional quality. It is characteristically long, strong, lustrous and with beautiful flowing crimp (wavy curls).

The wool grows at a rate of 1 inch per month and so provides a yearly clip of 12 inch long fibres weighing around 20lbs per fleece. Shearlings at their first clipping are considerably longer, particularly those kept for the show season, they yield around an 18 inch fibre and beyond with fleece weights of over 30lbs. The large two shear rams clip the heaviest of fleeces, the modern day record being a staggering 48lbs of wool from Two Shear Ram ‘Tardebigge Charlemagne’.

Heavy Fleeced Rams from the Tardebigge flock, Argonaught, Apollo & Ajax clipped a combined weight of 139.5lbs at Heckington Show.

A Wedding Dress made entirely from Lincoln Longwool captured the imagination of the world’s media in 2009.

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Many of our members sell their wool from a full‘fleece in the grease’ right through to beautifully spun yarn.

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Why Lincoln Longwool?

because it’s the raw material of heirlooms…

Mary Steele , 1920-2013 , Honorary LLSBA life member.


Lamb / Hogget / Mutton

The difference between Lincoln Longwool lamb and that which you buy in the supermarket is simply ‘taste’. Unlike their commercial cousins Lincoln Longwool lambs take longer to mature which ultimately means a far superior product for the consumer. Despite popular myth, Lincoln Longwool lamb is NOT ‘fatty’ infact from sight alone it would be difficult to tell the difference between a Lincoln cut and that from a commercially bred animal.

A Hogget or Hogg is a sheep which is between 12 and 24 months old. Technically too old to be classed as lamb but with all the same properties. It is a tender and succulent meat which comes in much larger portions. Lincolns produce top quality hogget carcasses.

Lincoln Longwools were always natural mutton producers, a large framed sheep with plenty of substance excelled at providing that staple of the British pre&post war dinner table. However, in line with the waning wool prices of the 1960s mutton gradually fell out of fashion as the increasing imports in lamb from New Zealand replaced our traditional cuts.

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Many of our members sell their meat to local pubs, restaurants, butchers and private individuals;

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Our breed Association has the valued support of award winning butcher Jim Sutcliffe. He sponsors, promotes and judges our ‘fat lambs’ class at Heckington show and often sells Lincoln Longwool Lamb from his butcher’s shop in Louth. visit the shop online