Welcome to the Lincoln Longwool Sheep Breeders Association

"The Lincoln longwool sheep is one of the most important breeds ever seen in our green and pleasant land".

We are the official breed association, established in 1892 to register Lincoln Longwool pedigrees. Our association was founded in order to maintain the breed standard and protect and promote this important British sheep. The Lincoln Longwool is our largest native sheep, originating mainly in the eastern counties, with its roots centered in the county of Lincolnshire. The ‘Lincoln’ is a dual purpose breed (for meat and wool) however, the breed was particularly developed for the growth of a large heavy fleece of long lustrous wool , to which we owe much of the historic wealth of our nation. Today there are very few remaining flocks of Lincoln Longwools and they are consequently a ‘vulnerable’ rare breed on the Rare Breed Survival Trust RBST watchlist. Whether you are thinking of starting a flock, looking for produce, searching for information, or you would just like to support this wonderful breed we are here to help you.

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